Organica’s Solution Preserves Historic Landscape and Saves Costs – Gencay, France

Located in Western France, Gençay is a small community and medieval heritage site with a 13th-century fortress – Chateau de Gençay – in its center.

Facing new water quality standards, Gençay, together with the neighboring town of Saint-Maurice-La-Clouere, decided to find a wastewater solution that fits into the local setting.


“A standard wastewater treatment facility would never have been acceptable to Gençay. The Organica solution is not only highly reliable, but the aesthetics are very appealing, too.”

Marcus Agbekodo – General Manager of Siveer
(WWTP operator)


In selecting the appropriate wastewater solution, the towns considered: stable operation to protect the discharging water body, small footprint to fit the facility on the dedicated site, look and feel not to damage the view of the castle, and completely odorless operation since the dominating wind blows towards the town itself. In addition, the solution’s operation needed to be as economical as possible.



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The Organica solution was selected over other alternatives as it combines all the positive characteristics required, all incorporated in a single structure. Effluent water quality is firmly below strict regulatory limits, and the facility fit in the limited site space, just 100 meters from the historic fortress. Additionally, the positive visuals of a greenhouse enclosure and rich green space, combined with odour-free operation do not mar the beautiful landscape of the area. Another key to the success of the solution has been its cost-efficiency: the custom-tailored, highly automated control system minimizes downtime, and an Organica plant consumes significantly lower energy and requires much less chemicals than other wastewater treatment solutions.

Wastewater solutions don’t have to mar a beautiful, historic landscape.


IMG_0129_CROPThe Organica wastewater solution satisfies all the needs and expectations, while also adding tangible savings for the community. Initially, savings on operating expenses (electricity and chemicals) have been projected to be a 22 percent reduction over traditional activated sludge processes, and 62 percent less than SBR. After beginning operation, the plant was able to exceed these expectations: in its first year, the facility demonstrated a savings of 37 percent on electricity and 61 percent on chemicals over projections, increasing total OPEX savings to 36 percent versus conventional activated sludge.




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