Innovation Zone: Waterblade


Posted on October 21, 2016

Saving just a bit can have a huge impact on our water consumption on a yearly basis. With a small investment, such as this, we could significantly reduce our impact on the world’s waters.

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“Waterblade is a flow-modification device that fits to taps used for hand-washing, which makes it possible to wash your hands in a satisfactory manner while using substantially less water. Its design uses the natural surface tension of the water to spread the flow into a paper-thin sheet of water, which hands can pass through for washing.”

“Currently, most water-saving nozzles for taps are aerators, which bulk up the flow of water with air. These give a water flow rate of 6-8 litres per minute, compared to 10-20 litres per minute for a standard tap. By contrast, Waterblade’s design means it is effective at just 2.5 litres of per minute – a relative trickle of water – saving even more water and still washing hands efficiently.” Read more at

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