Municipal Upgrade

Organica Seamlessly Upgrades Existing WWTPs

In developed economies, much of the wastewater infrastructure is aging well beyond its original life or operating in excess of its rated capacity. Watch the video below for more information on the benefits Organica can bring in upgrading aging WWTPs or click on one of the many case studies at the bottom of the page.

Indeed, many WWTPs are failing to meet increasingly strict effluent requirements, resulting from authorities’ efforts to ensure no hazardous contaminants are discharged into the rivers, lakes, and oceans. Organica transforms these unattractive, foul-smelling, deteriorating, obsolete WWTPs into odor-free botanical gardens that:

  • Can accommodate 2-3 times their original capacity in the same space
  • Can treat the same influent in 50-75% less space, freeing up valuable land
  • Substantially increase land value around the facility
  • Improves relations with the surrounding community
  • Improve BOD and nutrient removal to meet more stringent effluent limits
  • Are more resilient to fluctuations in influent

Upgrading a conventional WWTP to Organica is quite seamless and requires very little civil work. We simply install our core product – the Organica Biomodule – on top of existing reactors, add the green plants, and allow the biofilm to grow on the natural and engineered root structures. We typically reconfigure the operation of the plant as either a pure Organica FCR or an Organica FCR Hybrid. In the Organica FCR Hybrid we integrate two distinct, synergistic biological populations side by side: a suspended growth biomass (activated sludge), coexisting with an attached growth biomass (the biofilm on the plant roots). Combining the two populations within a single system has certain advantages, especially in situations where there are existing secondary clarifiers with a RAS (Return Activated Sludge) system in place. For more on the pros and cons of using RAS, please see the video below.

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