Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Fitting into population centers

The Organica FCR is the perfect solution for the unique wastewater treatment challenges facing today’s municipalities.

The combination of a small geographic footprint, lower energy consumption, and enhanced treatment characteristics offers a compelling value given the financial difficulties faced by so many cities and towns across the world.


With an attractive greenhouse design and none of the typical wastewater treatment plant odor an Organica FCR can be located virtually anywhere, reducing infrastructure costs and offering the potential to become a new kind community building, a place for environmental education, recreation, and quiet enjoyment.

Organica WWTP Shenzhen, China

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Organica solutions provide:

  • 50%-75% Smaller footprint
  • More than 30% lower energy consumption
  • Odor-free and attractive aesthetics
  • More resiliency to changes in influent

This is why over 60 municipal customers currently have Organica-powered WWTPs operating in their cities and towns, with dozens currently under construction. Organica can design FCR WWTPs in sizes ranging from 1,000 m3/d to 200,000 m3/d and more.

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