Organica plants are built in collaboration with local partners

These are typically construction companies (EPCs) well versed in WWT facility implementation. We provide the facility design and supply the specialty equipment which form the heart of the system

The majority of the equipment is locally sourced, thus Organica’s share represents a small part of the total investment. This business model leaves a lot of value creation to the local economy and is considered an equitable, cooperative approach in all markets around the world.

Organica supplies the following components:



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 Design – our overall designs feature unprecedented integration of engineering disciplines which allows these plants to fit seamlessly  into urban and residential environments.

Biomodulesan engineered root system which, combined with natural roots, provides the ideal habitat for the highly diverse biology.

 Control and Instrumentation Equipment  – a combination of instruments, input/output units, PLCs, operator stations, and SCADA system to collect, analyse and display real-time operational information and control the operation of the facility.

 Discfilters   a mechanical filtration device specially designed to remove total suspended solids (TSS) from wastewater streams following biological treatment.


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