Partner Benefits

Partner Benefits

Working with Organica gives you an edge over the competition

Our partner network includes construction companies, consulting engineers, real estate developers, and sales agents worldwide. Each one has become an Organica partner for different reasons, but they all see the huge advantage of offering the unique differentiators of the Organica Solution to their clients in a highly competitive market.

Benefits to Sales Agents and Turnkey/EPC Contractors

  • Make more money with our highly attractive commission structure
  • Win more projects by gaining an edge over competition in almost all kind of opportunities where – reuse is desired, land is a premium, odor is an issue, operating cost is important, short project duration is critical and the surrounding area is urbanized
  • Contributes to creation of green and sustainable corporate image
  • Significantly lower footprint results in lower civil costs, providing an opportunity for higher margins
  • Simple to construct with industry standard equipment

Benefits to Consulting Engineers

  • Simple solution to a variety of water problems such as water scarcity, land scarcity and upgrade of aging WWTPs
  • Offer your clients a proven and cost effective solution
  • Often times Organica is the “key” to broader infrastructure development (e.g. pipeline, W2E, etc.) providing additional revenue beyond just water plant

Benefits to Real Estate Developers

  • Reduced physical and “psychological” footprint removes the typical barriers to urban planning and sustainable wastewater infrastructure
  • Remove bottlenecks in development cycle
  • Additional sources of revenue from both operation and resale of treated effluent
  • Lower operating costs mean lower water bill to residential consumers

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