Solution Overview

Organica Water was established 2 decades ago with the vision to profoundly transform the wastewater treatment industry around the world.


The traditional way and the inherent problem

as-wwtpTraditional wastewater treatments plants are large, centralized, smelly facilities. As such, they can only be built outside of population centers. This results in massive infrastructure requirements and much higher treatment costs. Indeed, more than 90% of global treatment costs are in the pipes! With land values and water scarcity on the rise, it is clear that sustainable water management has to include onsite treatment and water recycling in population centers. However, if the treatment plants are far away from the people, then this is not an economically feasible or sustainable solution.



The solution 

Organica Water developed a highly imaginative approach to wastewater treatment for urban areas. Our facilities utilize active biofilms on natural (plant) and/or engineered root structures, all housed in a fully-enclosed, odorless facility. The result is a solution which offers a significantly reduced physical footprint and lower operational and infrastructure costs when compared to conventional wastewater treatment solutions, all in the form of a pleasant botanical garden-like environment



Two main components of the solution

Organica FCR solution components


The economic advantages of an Organica plant rest on two critical factors:

  1. Efficient process which harnesses a diverse biology
  2. Unprecedented integration of all engineering disciplines – process, mechanical, civil, electrical, controls, and architecture. The combination drives lower CAPEX, maximizes operating efficiency, and creates iconic structures.


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