Water Reuse Applications

Water Reuse Applications

Water scarcity is one of the biggest challenges humanity is facing

Approximately 2.5 billion people –1/3 of the world’s population – live in areas that the World Bank characterizes as “water stressed.” In 15 years, this will be 2/3 of the world’s population.


High quality effluent from an Organica FCR (click to enlarge)

As the world looks to address this incredible challenge, undoubtedly recycling of wastewater will be a key part of the solution.

With its small geographic and “psychological” footprint and high quality effluent, the Organica FCR solution is ideally designed to meet this need. The odorless, garden-like appearance of an Organica FCR allows near unlimited flexibility in WWTP location, ultimately reducing infrastructure requirements by allowing the WWTP to be located close to the “point of use.”

The result is a highly economic solution to global water scarcity challenges, which can be applied at WWTPs of any size in virtually any geographic location.


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