What We Deliver

The essential components to realize an Organica FCR WWTP

Organica Water offers products and services which include research, planning, designing, engineering, installation, construction, repair, maintenance, transformation and treatment of plants to enable customers all over the world to build and operate space and energy efficient biological wastewater treatment plants.

While the majority of components in an Organica FCR WWTP are commercially available “off-the-shelf” and can be provided by any EPC or General Contractor, Organica provides the key enabling products and services that power the Organica FCR solution.

Organica products & services include:

  • A fully standardized and packaged basic WWTP design that can be used by any GC/EPC contractor to construct an Organica-powered WWTP
  • BlueHouse, a containerized Organica facility
  • Biomodule
  • Organica discfilter units for phase separation
  • Process Control Software
  • Supervision over equipment installation
  • Commissioning Support and Operator Training
  • Operation and Maintenance manuals for units designed/supplied by Organica

If requested by the client, Organica will also provide additional products and services including general equipment, detailed design, project management, and other specially requested products and services.


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