Botany and Wastewater

Botany and Wastewater

Wastewater contains everything a plant would need, some of it is even more than needed.  Plant population on the top of the reactors works as a combination of species not as individual plants. Our design always takes local flora integration and surrounding landscape into consideration


Plant selection criteria:

  • Wetland or waterlog tolerance
  • Extensive root system
  • Suitable for hydroculture
  • N overload tolerance
  • P overload tolerance
  • Wastewater (other dissolved or suspended material) tolerance
  • Appropriate height (pruning included)
  • Width, creeping abilities
  • Pest and density tolerance
  • Aesthetical value

Plant Stock Development Timelapse

Biofilm Habitat

The plant roots are dangling into the water. Roots have large surface area providing habitat for microorganisms and other animals from higher orders. Roots are breathing, and supply the biofilm with oxygen.


The plant rack and the root zone: biofilter, removing odours

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The plant rack is a steel frame with elastic netting. The mesh lets the roots and air passing through the clay pebbles and the root zone.  The clay pebbles in the plant racks are similar to the ones the biofilters utilize as media for air treatment bacteria. They provide habitat for them.

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