Organica Discfilter

The Organica Discfilter

The Organica discfilter is a mechanical filtration device specially designed to remove total suspended solids (TSS) from wastewater streams following biological treatment in the Organica Food Chain Reactor (FCR) solution. Each discfilter incorporates a simple, yet sophisticated, design that ensures continuous low-maintenance operation and stable, reuse-quality effluent; all with a drastically reduced footprint over conventional secondary clarification.

Ideal for Organica FCR solutions

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The Organica FCR solution is a Fixed-Film system utilizing biofilm that grows on both natural (plant) and engineered (patented biofiber media) root structures. As the biomass in an Organica FCR is fixed on these root structures, the TSS content of the water in the treatment process is low, allowing the use of Organica discfilters for phase separation directly after the biological treatment step.





Reduces land requirement by 90%


The discfilter’s advanced design consists of multiple filter discs constructed from modular demountable cassettes attached to a revolving inlet drum. The configuration maximizes the filtration area which makes an exceptionally small physical footprint possible, reducing land requirement by up to 90% in comparison to conventional secondary clarification.

Seamless integration

Thanks to their compact footprint, Organica discfilters are perfectly suited to be installed in the wastewater facility building itself, further decreasing the physical
and psychological footprint of an Organica-powered wastewater treatment plant, and adding to the aesthetically pleasing visuals.


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Reuse-quality water

Organica discfilters are able to meet performance requirements of a wide range of effluent TSS limits, including constantly producing reuse-quality water. Reclaimed water can be utilized for a number of purposes, including irrigation, industrial cooling processes, feeding A/C cooling towers, toilet flushing or groundwater recharge. What is more, due to the low TSS leaving the last FCR zone, phase separation can be accomplished by a single-stage discfilter down to 5 mg/l TSS with the correct chemical conditioning.

Low-maintenance operation

Exclusive, corrosion-free drive system designed with the most advanced technology, driven by a helical-bevel gear drive via a non-corrosive synchronous carbon fibre cog belt.
Stainless steel support frame to provide a long lifespan and structural stability.
Woven filter media is bonded to the one-piece modular cassette ensuring optimum uniform media tension maximizing filter media life and minimizing the number of sealing joint interfaces.



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